Tire spinning power is attainable!

Posted on July 22, 2014

LS1 engine from GolenIf you are looking for a performance engine that is capable of spinning the tires off your car, you need to look at the performance packages offered by Golen Engine Service. With today’s technology, building a hot rod capable of 800 hp is quite possible. All it takes is a little bit of know-how, and technicians at Golen Engine.

The LS 1 engine is just the power plant you need. Our complete engines are fuel injected and Dyno tuned before they leave the shop, so you know exactly how much performance you’re getting. Connecting your fluids, power and your exhaust are all that you need to do once you take delivery of an engine built by the team at Golen Engine. No tuning is required either, as the Holley manufactured electronic fuel injection system incorporates a self-learning fuel table, so that the system actually does the tuning for you while you are driving. These models are all LS1 engine bases, but are built to our level of standards.

Our LS3 has 376 cubic inches, with 530 horse power. This is a great base to start, as it is a dependable engine from GM with 480 horse power. After some camshaft and valve train work, we come to the electronic fuel injection system, and send it out the door in the ‘turn key’ set up. All you have to add are your headers and you’re off!

Much further up the chain is the RHS turn key, with 502 cubic inches and 810 horse power! This engine just screams power, and is the largest naturally aspirated LS engine we offer. This monster will satisfy anyone’s right foot, and we are not responsible for the speeding tickets! This beast comes complete and ready to drop into your hot rod and has been dyno tuned and completely broken in. There are multiple engines in this line between these two power plants, as these are the extremes. Take a look at the website and you can see examples of other LS engines that the team at Golen Engine is capable of producing. The LS 1 engine is a very dependable one. If you are looking for a power plant in your next project, give us a call at Golen Engine, and we will get to work for you! We can be reached at 800-591-9171