Rick Brunetti Dublin, CA


Road Race


At Golen Engine, we use the latest technology to build racing engines that deliver performance and longevity. Our lineup of street performance engines gives you quality and reliability that is practically unrivaled among race engine builders. Although we specialize in the Chevy LS series, we also build small block Chevy and Ford engines for all classes of SCCA and NASA competition. We also provide complete racing crate engines if you want something new you can drop into your car and be ready to hit the road.


Drag Race


When it comes to packing as much power into a quarter mile as possible, no other custom racing engine builders have what it takes to conquer the dragstrip. We’re well-versed in the Chevy LS series in injected and carbureted variations. We have the knowledge and expertise to boost these engines up to 1500hp with chargers or turbo applications.


Formula Drift


Competing in Formula Drift means you have to have all the horsepower you can fit under the hood. Here, you’ll find a wide range of performance racing engines purpose-built to deliver exactly what you need when you need it. We build custom LS Drift engines for all levels of competition in NA and boosted versions. Because we know GM’s LS engine series inside and out, there’s no one better to turn racing crate engines into the ideal machines for your specs. Plus, our in-house dyno testing should ensure you get as much as possible out of your car.


Off Road


Our expertise in building custom racing engines includes off-road varieties. We supply all classes, with many racers in Class One and the Ultra 4 series driving examples of our work. Our technicians have the knowledge and capabilities to set up an off-road engine with Carb or EFI as well as wet- or dry-sump oiling options. You can also count on us to deliver trophy truck engines that live up to the same high standards we maintain for all our work.

Meeting Professional Specs & Regulations

Although getting the most power out of your engine is the top priority, ensuring safety and compliance should be just as high on your list. We understand all the ins and outs of enhancing your race car engines while complying with the strictest regulations. Our expertise means we can keep your engine in spec with all SCCA, NASA, NARL and other competitions’ regulations across North America. We know what it takes to win, because we’ve worked with countless professional racers and take pride in being trusted partners for all their custom performance needs.

Why Choose Golen Engine?

When you come to Golen Engine, you gain more than just high-performance engines. We also boast in-house capabilities such as complete dyno tuning as well as our fully equipped machine shop. We’ve supplied the power behind several winning racers, and we can do the same for you. To learn more about everything we have to offer, get in touch with us today.