Golen Engine offers a complete lineup of performance engine machine shop services. Whether it’s resizing the connecting rods, installing cam bearings or preparing the cylinder head, our machine shop capabilities ensure maximum performance for your vehicle. Thanks to the precision work we can perform, you’ll get the most from your components. We have what it takes to completely customize your engine to your specifications. Here are some of the most popular operations, if you do not see what you are looking for please feel free to call our sales dept for pricing at 1-800-591-9171 or Contact Us and we’ll get in touch with you right away.

Cleaning and Mag Operations

NameService DescriptionPrice
GES-LAB-002Oven Clean, Blast and Mag Block$170
GES-LAB-018Oven Clean, Blast and Mag V-8 Heads (Pair)$175
GES-LAB-019Oven Clean, Blast and Mag Crank$75
GES-LAB-020Mag Heads Each$40
GES-LAB-021Mag Connecting Rods Each$10
GES-LAB-012Final Clean Block for Assembly$110
GES-LAB-022Final Clean Heads Each$45
GES-LAB-023Clean Misc Parts ie. Head Bolts, Rockers, Covers$50
GES-LAB-045Clean and Glass Bead Single Head$40
GES-LAB-046Glass Bead Intake Manifold$40

Block Operations

NameService DescriptionPrice
GES-LAB-001Disassemble and Inspect Engine$250
GES-LAB-002Oven Clean, Blast and Mag Block$170
GES-LAB-003Install Sleeve in Single Cylinder $150
GES-LAB-004Bore and Performance Hone Cylinders with Torque Plate$450
GES-LAB-005Hone Used Cylinders for new Rings$250
GES-LAB-006Install 4-Bolt Main Caps and Line Bore$350
GES-LAB-007Hone Mainline, Build Oil Clearance$285
GES-LAB-008Deck Block to Match Pistons$275
GES-LAB-009Hone Lifter Bores$75
GES-LAB-010Install Cam Bearings and Freeze Plugs$75
GES-LAB-011Clearance Block for Stroker$175
GES-LAB-012Install Cam Bearings and Freeze Plugs$75

Crank Operations

NameService DescriptionPrice
GES-LAB-013Clean and Polish Crankshaft$130
GES-LAB-014Machine Additional Keyway in Crank for Blower$200
GES-LAB-015Regrind Crank on Mains and Rods$450

Piston and Rod Operations

NameService DescriptionPrice
GES-LAB-057Pin Fit Pistons and Small End of Rods$125
GES-LAB-014Resize Big End of Connecting Rods (Each)$30
GES-LAB-015R&R Rod Bushings and Size (Each)$20

 Balancing Operations

NameService DescriptionPrice
GES-LAB-024Balance 4&6 Cyl Complete Assembly$260
GES-LAB-025Balance V-8 Internal Complete Assembly$395
GES-LAB-026Balance V-8 External Complete Assembly$425
GES-LAB-027Balance 4&6 Cyl Crank Only$150
GES-LAB-028Balance V-8 Crank Only$250
GES-LAB-029Balance Flywheel$100
GES-LAB-030Balance Pressure Plate$60
GES-LAB-031Instal Heavy Metal (Labor Only)$40
GES-LAB-032Balance Rods (Each)$25

Flywheel Operations

NameService DescriptionPrice
GES-LAB-033Clean Flywheel$25
GES-LAB-034Resurface Flat Flywheel$75
GES-LAB-035Resurface Stepped Flywheel$90

 Cylinder Head Operations

NameService DescriptionPrice
GES-LAB-018Oven Clean, Blast and Mag V-8 Heads (Pair)$175
GES-LAB-045Clean and Glass Bead Single Head$50
GES-LAB-036 Size Guides, Performance Three Angle Valve Job V-8$425
GES-LAB-037Remove and Install New Valve Guides V-8 16 Valve$170
GES-LAB-056Resurface V-8 Heads$275
GES-LAB-038Machine Single Valve Seat$25
GES-LAB-038Replace Single Valve Seat$40
GES-LAB-039Install Hardened Exhaust Seats V-8$185
GES-LAB-040Vacuum Test V-8 Heads$50
GES-LAB-041R&R & Machine For Screw In Studs V-8$250
GES-LAB-042Remove and Repair Broken Bolt$75
GES-LAB-043Machine Heads for Viton Valve Seals$75
GES-LAB-044Machine Heads for Larger Valve Springs$100

 Cleaning and Mag Operations

NameService DescriptionPrice
GES-LAB-047Assemble Short Block V-8$650
GES-LAB-048Assemble Long Block V-8$1000
GES-LAB-059Finish Assemble Engine from Short Block to Long Block$750
GES-LAB-049Set Main and Rod Bearing Clearance$150
GES-LAB-050Degree Camshaft$125
GES-LAB-051End Gap Rings$125
GES-LAB-052Assemble Pistons on Rods$75
GES-LAB-053Check Piston to Valve Clearance$75
GES-LAB-054CC Cylinder Heads$80
GES-LAB-055Assemble V-8 Performance Heads,Set installed Heights$100
GES-CHEM-EXPChemicals Charge$50

Dyno Services

NameService DescriptionPrice
GES-LAB-058Dyno Break In Service V-8$850