1. Ensure the #1 piston is at TDC on a compression stroke.
  2. Look at the pulse ring on the distributor, note that there are two holes.
  3. Insert a 3/16” pin (an allen wrench will do) into the hole at the end of the pulse ring, the alignment pin needs to engage the hole in the distributor. Note: The hole that is “free” is to time the four cylinder engine, do not use for the six cylinder engine.
  4. Pre-position the oil pump to accept the distributor drive.
  5. Insert the distributor, engaging the oil pump. Note: The rotor will not be aligned to the number 1 plug wire on the cap.
  6. Remove alignment pin.
  7. Install and tighten the securing bolt at the base of the distributor. 


Follow all of the steps in the “Startup Guidelines” before attempting to start your new Jeep engine.

Get the distributor set properly so the engine will fire off immediately by following the steps in “Setting up the Jeep Distributor”.

Start the engine and make sure you have oil pressure and a good idle for 15-20 seconds without using any throttle. If it doesn’t idle well, you need to shut the engine down and determine the cause of the problem before performing the cam break-in. If this occurs, call the Golen tech line @ 800-591-9171, Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm Eastern time.

Assuming oil pressure and idle are good, bring the engine up to 2000 rpm. You will keep the engine at 2000 rpm for 20 minutes watching for oil or anti-freeze leaks, oil pressure, and ngine temperature. Also listen for general engine operation. The lifters may take up to 20 minutes to complete pump-up and during this time may make some noise.

If anything needs to be sealed or repaired during break-in, or if the engine overheats, shut the engine down, note how much time is left for the break-in, and repair the issue. Then start the engine back up and continue break-in.

After the cam break-in has been completed, you need change both the oil and the oil filter. After the oil and filter have been changed, you may then perform the final inspection steps in “Startup Guidelines” and further adjust your timing. 


Priming the oil pump in your Jeep engine brings the oil pressure up to normal before the engine is started.

This will protect the engine from premature failure cause by a dry start. Dry start is a condition whereby the engine is initially run for a short time without any lubrication on the bearings. This can wipe and spin bearings and cause quick and devastating damage to the engine internals. Priming the engine using the following instructions ensures that the first time it is started there is proper lubrication on all internal parts.

Once the engine has been primed and run for the first time, a thin layer of oil always remains on all of the bearings and protects them for those first few critical seconds during startup while the pressure builds up.

Priming the oil pump is the most important step to take just before starting your engine for the first time.

  1. After you install the engine into the Jeep’s engine compartment, make sure that you install a new name-brand oil filter and fill the engine with the proper amount of oil. Using the factory oil pan and oil dip-stick, fill to the factory level on the stick.
  2. Install the priming tool into the engine through the distributor hole and attach an electric drill to the priming tool. If you don’t have a priming tool, you may cut the handle off of a flat-head screwdriver and use that to turn the oil pump drive shaft. Be careful, though, as the cut-off end may be sharp.
  3. Next, turn the drill clockwise until you feel the drill load-up. This may take a few minutes, but you will eventually feel the drill start to torque back on your arm. This is a sign that the oil has now been pulled through the oil pump pick-up tube and is now actually pumping through the engine.
  4. Continue running the drill for another minute after the drill loads-up. This ensures that all of the bearings and moving components have been properly lubricated.
  5. After priming is completed, install the distributor and start the engine.
  6. If you have any questions regarding priming the oil pump, please call the GES tech line at 1-800-591-9171.