Owner Chad Golen officially started Golen Engine in 1992 in Lowell, Mass as a small two-man shop primarily building Small Block Chevy Performance engines. With the help of his father he purchased a full machine shop in Hanscom AFB in Bedford, Mass in 1998 and quickly incorporated under the name Golen Performance Group. The new Shop at Hanscom AFB featured two crankshaft grinders and all brand new lineup of Sunnen equipment such as a CV-616 Cylinder hone, rod hone, and resurfacing equipment. This shop allowed them to control the quality of the machine work and assembly to ensure a better overall product. In 2002 they purchased a 12,000 square foot shop on 6 acres of land that they still reside in today. This allowed them to set up the shop for a smooth workflow and made room for two brand new Super Flow SF-902 engine dynos. The addition of the two engine dynos brought the next level of quality control since they could now test and tune each engine that they built to ensure it was perfect before being delivered to the customer.

These days Golen builds roughly 250-300 engines per a year primarily made up of LS based Chevy performance engines, Jeep 4.6L Stroker engines, and Early Muscle Car engines from the big three. They also offer machine shop services for the do it yourself customer as well as servicing numerous local shops.   

They have recently upgraded to a new Sunnen SV-15 cylinder hone which works well with keeping cylinders round and straight for the best piston ring seal possible, this was mainly purchased to help with the LS based engines but works wonders on all engines. Plans for the near future include upgrading resurfacing equipment as well some of their cleaning equipment.

They are official dealers for trusted name brands such as Holley, Callies, Wiseco, Manley, Whipple Super Chargers, ATI Pro Charger and many others. Offering a full line of Holley EFI products with the tuning and tech support to back them up.