Welcome to Golen Engine

Here at Golen Engine we offer full line of High Performance LSx Engine Builds using all American Made components from trusted brands such as GM, Callies, Mahle and Comp Cams just to name a few. We also offer custom made pistons from both Wiseco and JE and custom ground street and race cams from both Bullet Racing and Competition Cams!!

We have a full modern day machine shop in house featuring equipment such as the new Sunnen SV-15 cylinder hone for the straightest and roundest cylinders to ensure a perfect ring seal. All engine balancing is done in house on our Hines Dynamic Balancer for super smooth engine operation!!

We have two in house Super Flow Engine Dynamometers that allow us to break the engine in and properly seat the piston rings as well as tune all modern day aftermarket EFI systems for both street and race use. Our dynos can handle up to 1500hp so big boost is always welcome and we are fully equipped for external dry sump oiling systems as well.