Machine Shop

Our Machine Shop is equipped with all the necessary equipment to properly machine any high performance engine.

  • Cylinder Boring: Rottler Boring, we bore all cylinders within .005” of finish size to making the final honing as easy as possible.
  • Block Decking: Sunnen HBS-1300 , we are able to deck all blocks and cylinders in this machine for a straight and smooth finish 
  • Cylinder Honing: Sunnen CV-15, this cylinder hone is state of the art and allows us to keep the cylinders straight and round 
  • Mainline Boring and Honing: Sunnen CH-100, We can bore and line hone in this machine and blueprint main oil clearances to match the crankshaft 
  • Connecting Rod Resizing: Sunnen LBB-1660, resizing both big and small ends of connecting rods which allows us to blueprint oil clearances 
  • Crankshaft Balancing: Hines Balancer, this machine allows us to dynamically balance any crankshaft for super smooth operation and long engine life 
  • Cylinder Head Service: Sunnen VGS-20 Seat and Guide Machine, we can perform up to a 5 angle performance valve job in this machine and it also allows us to install guides to size to keep the valve concentric to the valve seat for long life and max performance.
Engine Assembly

A clean and organized assembly room is crucial to the success of any engine build. Here at Golen Engine we take care when assembling all engines with proper parts cleaning and assembly practices.

Dyno Tuning

We have not only one but two Superflow SF-902 Engine Dynos that allow us to properly break each engine in and monitor all engine vitals before full rpm testing. We can also tune both Carb and EFI to ensure the engine is making max power before you install. Customers are more than welcome to come to our shop to see their engine run or if you cannot visit we will gladly take a video of the engine running and post it on our Youtube Channel.