Keeping your Jeep Engine Running Cool

We have quite a few customers calling and asking about the best way to keep their Jeep engine cool when running in hotter regions of the country.

Here is New England we do not seem to have a problem with this since the weather never gets too hot, in fact my 2006 Rubicon runs 210 degrees all year long and never goes above. But customers in Texas, Arizona, Southern California tend to have a small problem with running hot when they are working the Jeep 4.6L stroker engine hard.

We have found the best way to combat this issue is to use an aftermarket 3 core radiator from Griffin Performance Radiators, they offer a 3 row that requires a slight mod to the shroud so customers tell me. After that we also recommend running a Flow Kooler High Flow water pump along with a Performance high flow thermostat usually a 160 or 180 degrees (stock thermostat is 195 degree). These mods tend to work great and keep the engine running cool in all conditions so customers tell me. We have seen a few customers that will have their hoods louvered which can really drop temps but that tends to be a little extreme but looks cool.

With these mods you can keep your Jeep running cool no matter what climate you live in.

If you have any questions on your Jeep engine or keeping it cool feel free to call Golen Engine Tech Support at 1-800-591-9171 Ext 2