Off-road racing is growing, with more events, competitors and fans every year. To meet the increased demand for off-road engines, Golen Engine Service is adapting and pushing the performance limits.


In the Baja racing environment, off-road race engines need to make around 1,000 horsepower. Finding an off-road crate engine that’s up to the challenge is hard, especially when it comes to high performance drivetrain loading and unloading.


Your search is over. Golen Engine Service experts can design and engineer a trophy truck motor that will get you to the finish line. We’ll even work on your off-road buggy engine so you can get back to enjoying the dunes!


Dedicated Craftsmanship & Reliability

Golen off-road race engines offer the best in performance and reliability, and our reputation is backed by years of experience. We build custom engines for all off-road racing classes, from Class One and Ultra 4 to SCORE Trophy Trucks. When it comes to small block, big block, and LSx Engines, we can set these up with Carb or EFI and Wet or Dry sump oiling options.


Professional teams and racers, including some of the top drivers in off-road racing, rely on our off-road engines. They know a Golen Baja truck engine will meet and exceed their expectations for durability and sustained performance, and they trust Golen to help them push the boundaries of what’s possible behind the wheel.


Quite simply, if you’re building and campaigning off-road race trucks, Golen’s off-road race engines offer the highest levels of performance and reliability.


The Golen Difference

Here at Golen, we can do more than simply supply your trophy truck engine. We are a complete engine machining shop and can create custom components to maximize the performance of your engine. Using our in-house dyno tuning we can confirm accurate engine specs and outputs.


To learn more or to request a quote, contact us today and speak with one of our knowledgeable representatives.