Muscle Car Engines

That muscle car in your garage is pretty special, but how about the engine? Does it deliver the power and torque your ride deserves? At Golen Engine, we build muscle car engines that give your car the “go” to match its “show.”

Whether you want stock looks and performance, gut-wrenching power and torque, or something in between, we can build it for you. Updates we perform include installing hydraulic roller camshafts, Viton valve stem seals and hardened exhaust seats. If there's something special you want, just ask because muscle car motors are our “thing!”

Our level of expertise and range of in-house capabilities put us among the top muscle car builders in the industry. Since 1992, we’ve been helping car enthusiasts get more out of their machines with expert service. We build roughly 300 engines every year and invest continuously in the newest and most advanced equipment found anywhere. This means you can count on what we build to provide the absolute highest levels of performance and reliability. When you come to us, you can be certain that you and your vehicle will be in good hands every step of the way. We’re proud to be the leaders in the marketplace, and we’re eager to show you how we earned our reputation.

Types of Engines

If your special car came from the GM stable, we can help. We have a lot of experience building engines for Chevy muscle car engines. If you're a fan of Chryslers, you can buy Chrysler muscle car engines from us. For Blue Oval devotees, we also build Ford muscle car engines.

Attention to Detail

Every one of our muscle car motors is special. When you buy an engine from us, you're getting the benefit of our deep engineering and machining expertise. We bore and deck in our shop rather than contracting the work, so we know the job is done right. We use premium U.S. components, we take the time to balance with care, and we'll even finish the block with factory color paint!

Break-In Service

At Golen Engine Services, we understand that once you installed your new muscle car performance engine, you'll want to use it. That's why we offer a dyno break-in service. Running your new motor on one of our SuperFlow engine dynamometers lets us get everything bedded-in before we ship it to you.

Invest in More Power

With a few notable exceptions, stock muscle car engines of the past didn't make that much power, especially by today's standards. If you've decided it's time for more ponies under the hood, Golen Engine can help. Our custom muscle engines will give you stock power if that's what you want, or a lot, lot more.

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