On the road racing circuit, the quality and reliability of your engine aren’t bonuses — they’re essentials. That’s why so many who value high performance come to Golen Engine Service for their street racing engines. We’re proud to be a leader when it comes to building road race engines that deliver the speed and power racers crave. We’ve worked with countless professionals in the most prestigious SCCA and NASA classes, and we’re looking forward to helping you cross the finish line.

427ci LS7

Golen Engine 427ci LS7 Road Race Engine

427ci LS7

Golen Engine 427ci LS7 Road Race Engine

Road Race Engine Experts

Most racers want to emphasize power and performance when selecting their pro street race engines, and for good reason. Yet the durability and longevity of street stock racing engines also plays an important role in your long-term success on the road. Our expertise ensures that the street racing motors we supply will be built to last so you can leave the competition in the dust again and again.

Although we specialize in Chevy LS road race engines, our capabilities go beyond the classic GM blocks. For example, we also have the knowledge to work on high-performance street engines from Ford.

Whether it’s for a circle track engine, an off-road racing engine or something else, we take a comprehensive approach to designing engines for different racing situations. We offer a lot of customization options for every road race motor we build, focusing on the features that will serve you best when you get the green light. The right type of street racing motor is critical for your long-term success, and we want to be your invaluable partner throughout your club racing career. Everything that goes into our street performance engines is intentional and makes the difference between first place and finishing second.

  • Custom engine design
  • Power levels up to 1000hp
  • Dry Sump Systems
  • Free estimates

We’re your best source for racing engines, but we’re also much more. Our extensive in-house capabilities include comprehensive dyno tuning services as well as our fully equipped machine shop. To get a better sense of everything we have to offer or receive a quote, reach out to us today and talk to one of our experts.