We build custom drag race engines of all types and specialize in the Chevy LS Series engines both fuel injected and carbureted versions. We also have extensive knowledge in both big and small block drag race engines as well. Boosted versions of these engines are no problem up to 1500hp using ATI Pro Chargers or turbo applications. We have two brand new Superflow engine dynos and test and tune each engine before it is delivered to the customer.

Built for WOT

Racing with the throttle wide open all the time demands a special type of engine. You might see many drag racing motors for sale, but are they really built to run WOT? Maybe not — unless they were built by Golen Engine.

We take the proven LS drag racing engines and customize them to your specifications. Whether you're competing in Sportsman, Super Street or any other class, one of our drag racing crate engines will give you the performance you need.

Unlike engines used in circuit racing, a drag engine runs WOT the entire time. Efficient breathing is paramount for high volumetric efficiency and maximum torque and power.

This has implications for how the engines are built. Big block drag racing engines are a popular choice. The combination of large bore and short stroke ensures good breathing at high rpm without compromising engine life. Bigger head volume may in turn require higher compression, and that affects everything from valves and camshaft to gaskets and the induction system.

Induction is often a source of surprise for non-drag racers. While fuel injection works great, sometimes the highest performance comes from a traditional carburetor. Go with fuel injection if throttle position will vary throughout a race. When you’re running WOT on the strip, a carburetor is easier to optimize.

We Build Custom Drag Racing Engines

Golen Engine builds engines that give our customers the power and performance they require. Big block or small, our LS drag racing engines deliver impressive output numbers. As a bonus, drivers often find our great reliability means more races between rebuilds.

When we build a drag engine, we like to start out with an LS crate motor from GM. It's lightweight, and features such as 6-bolt main bearings provide the strength to handle big increases in output. Using quality American-made components, we'll add fuel injection or carburetion along with the pistons, rings, camshaft and followers our customers want. We'll turbo- or supercharge, too. Our boosted small block drag racing engines make up to 1,500 horsepower!

For supercharging, ATI Pro Chargers are a firm favorite. The company builds the only centrifugal superchargers that use aerospace-grade aluminum to create the largest and strongest impellers you'll find anywhere. What’s more, its air cooling technology delivers some of the lowest charge air temperatures of any blower.

The Golen Engine Difference

With our own machine shop on-site we’re able to deck, bore and hone every block for maximum performance. Then we balance as we assemble before testing and tuning one of our Superflow engine dynos.

No matter your needs, we work on all types of custom racing engines to meet your specifications for performance. Call us at 866-497-4831 or complete our online contact form.