Golen Engine Formula Drift Race Engine for Alec Hohnadell

427ci LS

Golen Engine 427ci LS Drift Race Engine for Omar Lekphet

We build custom LS Drift engines for all levels of competition in both NA and boosted versions. We have built Formula Drift engines for drivers Alec Hohnadell and Nate Hamilton for the last few years now. Miro Ovcharik won the Formula Drift Canada Championship running one of our LS race engines!!

Formula Drift Engines

If you’re going to compete in Formula Drift you’d better have the right power plant under the hood. Golen Engine builds drift engines for championship-winning drivers. When you’ve given up on trying to find good drift engines for sale, come to us. We’ll build you the LS-based drift car engine of your dreams and you’ll be on your way to racing success.


At Golen Engine we specialize in customizing GM’s LS engines. They’re strong and reliable, and we know them inside and out. LS engine blocks and heads are cast from aluminum. That makes them lightweight, so more power goes to breaking tire grip and less to moving a heavy motor. They also have 6-bolt main bearing caps, which create a rigid bottom end that can handle big increases in output.

The standard LS engine, in all its many variants, is a potent beast. But we cater to people who want more. We can build, boost and tune the LS to enable significantly more horsepower and torque, as our in-house dyno testing proves. Dry sump, supercharged, even nitrous — whatever you want, we can build. And if you want a drift engine based on something other than an LS, talk to us. We’d still like to help.

About Our Formula Drift Engines

Competitive drifting challenges an engine in unusual ways. Immediate throttle response and big horsepower are givens, but breathing, lubrication and cooling are just as important. Without proper attention to oil and airflow you risk overheating and lubrication problems. Overlook those and your engine won’t last the season. 

As specialists in LS custom builds, we know how to handle these challenges. Plus, we’ll build your engine to your specifications. We’ll ensure it suits your driving style and that it’s right for the venues where you compete. You want something out of the ordinary? Let’s talk.

The Golen Engine Approach to Building Your Drift Car Engine

We perform machining and assembly under one roof. That enables us to maintain complete control over every aspect of the build, from honing to balancing and assembly. When we build an engine, we use only quality American components from trusted manufacturers. With our two Superflow engine dynos, we can dial-in exactly the performance you require.


Compete and Win

High-style drifting demands an engine with torque enough to break the grip of your tires. If you're already at the top levels of racing, you understand the importance of the right engine. Even if you're just starting out in the sport of drifting, you know a stock motor won't really cut it.

Golen Engine builds drift engines that win. Just ask Miro Ovcharik, who won the Formula Drift Canada Championship running one of our LS race engines! Interested in learning more? Call us at 866-497-4831 or complete our online contact form and we'll soon be in touch.