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Golen Engine Builds Golf Legend Jack Nicklaus a Ford 396ci Windsor Engine with 508hp!!!

We offer restoration builds on both small and big block Ford performance engines and can offer stock or increased power levels. With our modern day machine shop we can properly machine your muscle car engine to perform better than it did new and we also offer a dyno break in service to ensure the engine is running properly and fully broken in before you start the install. We offer updates such as hyd roller camshaft, modern day Viton valve seals and hardened exhaust seats for use with unleaded fuels to name a few.

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Ford Muscle Car Engines

Classic Fords came with some legendary engines — the Boss 302, for example, or the 428 Cobra Jet. For their time, they made lots of power and torque. Yet by today's standards, they're just a little ordinary. If you want more grunt, it's time to find out what's possible in the world of Ford muscle car engines. Here at Golen Engine, we have stock and upgraded Ford performance engines for sale, and that includes Ford small block stroker engines.

Small Blocks, Big Blocks and Strokers
A restoration or hot-rod build engine will give your Galaxy, Mustang or Torino a new lease on life. Same for your Fairlane or Cougar. You could pull the motor and spend forever on a rebuild, or you could come to Golen Engine for one of our Ford big block stroker crate engines.

We can build the 396ci stroker or 427 FE side oiler of your dreams. You want updates like a hydraulic roller camshaft, Viton valve seals and hardened exhaust seats? Yes, we can do that. Once it's built, we'll test and tune it on one of our SuperFlow SF-902 engine dynos.

Two big benefits of our Ford racing engines are speed and reliability. By speed, we mean you'll be back on the road in less time — especially if you take advantage of our break-in service. As for reliability, we use only high-quality American-made parts and we put a three-year warranty on every engine we build.

Understanding Ford Muscle Car Engines
Blue Oval enthusiasts say Ford V8s ruled the 1960s, and it's hard to argue. Taking over from the “Y-block” at the start of the decade, the Ford-Edsel “FE” — with its 4.63-inch bore spacing — just grew and grew in displacement.

Technically somewhere between a small block and big block, many say the FE was at its best as the 427ci “Medium Riser” engine found in a limited number of Galaxies, Fairlanes and Comets. There's also the 428 Cobra Jet variant of 1968. What an engine! Blessed was the Mach 1, Cougar or Fairlane Torino that received this beauty!

About the Ford 351
There are two 351ci Ford V8s — the Windsor and the Cleveland. The 351 Windsor engine is a small block that's been around forever, most recently as the 5.0. The 351 Cleveland engine, however, was part of the 335-family produced between 1970 and ’74. With a stronger crank and larger ports, this is capable of higher rpms and more horsepower.

Also noteworthy, a 351 strokes to 396ci. If Ford small block stroker crate engines are for you, talk to us!

Seeking Big Block Ford Engines for Sale?
We can help. If you want small block Ford crate engines for sale, we build them, too. Learn more by calling 1-800-591-9171. Alternatively, fill out our online form and we’ll be in touch ASAP.