408 LS Short Block Engine


Base Price LY6 $6,299 / LQ9 $6,299

The LQ9 408ci Boosted Competition short block uses a new GM LQ9 cast iron block with 4.030" bore to produce the large 408ci.



  • New GM LQ9 Cast Iron Block Honed with Torque Plates
  • Bore Size 4.030"
  • Zero Decked
  • Line Honed with ARP Main Studs
  • Blueprinted Oil Clearances
  • All New GM Block Plugs Installed
  • New Durabond Cam Bearings Installed


  • Wiseco Custom Forged Boost Pistons


  • Clevite H-Series Main and Rod Bearings


  • Callies Comp Star 4340 Forged Steel
  • Stroke 4.000”
  • Your Choice of 24x or 58x Reluctor Wheel
  • Internally Balanced Front and Rear


  • Callies Comp Star 4340 Forged Steel H-Beam
  • 6.125” Length
  • ARP 2000 Rod Bolts


  • Wiseco Gas Nitrided Ring Set

When you choose a 408 LS short block engine from Golen Engine, you’ll be getting the power and performance you need to rule the road. These 408 stroker Chevy engines are ready to go, featuring professional assembly, so you should be able to drop it in as soon as it gets to you.

You should have no trouble getting the most out of a 408 short block engine because it is ready for a high-performance boost immediately. These LSx 408 short block engines also work with centrifugal-style superchargers, twin-screw-style superchargers or turbochargers, so they’re versatile enough to fit into your current setup.

We build each LS 408 stroker short block engine to the same exacting standards as the rest of our racing engines. This means you can expect to receive the same level of performance and reliability from this machine throughout its lifetime. We stand behind our work with a standard three-year warranty with no mileage limit. With an engine from Golen Engine, you can feel confident every time you crank it over because you’ll know we will be there to help if anything goes wrong.

We are able to build your 408 LS short block engine to match just about any specs you desire, so if you do not see it just ask us! When you purchase one of our LS HP or Hot Rod Series Street Engines you will receive a full spec sheet listing the exact components your engine was built with. We will also provide you with a complete Set Up Guide as well as full phone tech support to aid you with the installation process of your new 408 stroker short block engine. It is mandatory for you to contact Golen Engine Tech Support before starting your 408 stroker Chevy engine for the first time and you can reach our Tech Support Line at 1-800-591-9171 ext 2. Feel free to contact us anytime for help choosing the perfect performance engine combination!!