Jeep 4.6L 270 HP Carb Turnkey Engine

Jeep 4.6L 270 HP Carb Turnkey Engine

1971-1990 Year Models

The Jeep 4.6L makes great power right off idle and produces 300 ft lbs of
torque that will help your Jeep up those steep grades with ease. This engine
loves both on and off road and gets good fuel economy as well. 

Peak Horsepower: 270hp
Peak Torque: 300 ft lbs +
Compression Ratio: 9.5:1
Operating Range: Idle to 5200 rpm
Required Fuel: 89 Octane +



  • Factory Cast Iron Block, Oven cleaned, blasted, mag, bore and performance hone cylinders to 3.905", Deck block, line hone mainline and set main bearing clearance, Durabond cam bearings and brass freeze plugs


  • Sealed Power Hypereutectic Pistons with coated skirts


  • Clevite Main and rod bearings


  • Comp Cams Hyd Flat

Oil Delivery:

  • Melling Std volume oil pump with new pick up screen


  • Callies cast steel performance crankshaft, dynamic balance


  • Aftermarket forged steel connecting rods, machined in house and bearing clearances set, balanced


  • Hastings Plasma Moly Rings


  • Comp Cams Custom Hyd Flat

Timing Sets:

  • Cloyes Single Roller

Timing Set:

  • Cloyes Single Roller


  • Fel Pro Master Gasket Kit



  • 1991-1999 Casting # 7120 head/2000-2006 New Aftermarket Casting: New valve guides installed, three angle performance valve job, head decked, cut for Viton Valve Seals 

Intake Valves:

  • SBI Factory 1.91" Intake Valves

Head Bolts: 

  • Grade 10 Head Bolts

Push Rods:

  • SBI Factory

Combustion Chamber:

  • 62cc

Exhuast Valves:

  • SBI Factory 1.5"


Vavle Springs:

  • Comp Cams performance valve springs and hardened retainers


Rocker Arms:

  • Sealed Power Factory




  • New oil pan, timing cover, valve cover with Golen Engine 4.6L Jeep Stroker Sticker with PCV and Breather

Harmonic Balancer:

  • New Factory damper to match your engines accessories

Intake System:

  • Holly 4 bbl 390 CFM carb

Ignition System:

  • HEI Distributor and Performance plug wire set

Exhaust System:

  • JBA Stainless Steel header

Water Pump:

  • Flow Kooler High Flow

Tune Up Parts:

  • Joe Gibbs Racing Break In Oil, Wix oil filter # 1085 and Champion Spark Plugs #430 

Here are Golen Engine we build each Jeep engine with the same meticulous process used in our line of racing engines to ensure top quality

performance and reliability throughout its lifetime.

When you purchase one of our Jeep High Performance Street Engines you will receive a full spec sheet listing the exact components your engine was

built with. We will also provide you with a complete Setup Guide as well as full phone tech support to aid you with the installation process. It is mandatory

for you to contact Golen Engine Tech Support before starting your engine for the first time and you can reach our Tech Support Line​ at 1-800-591-9171

ext 2.

Each Golen Engine Performance Street Engine comes standard with a “One Year No Mileage Limit Warranty” to keep you confident and covered! Feel

free to contact us anytime for help choosing the perfect performance engine combination!!