Product Spotlight: LS1 Crate Engine

Posted on July 29, 2016

Shopping for the right engine can be a difficult choice to make. There are so many options, specifics, and functions that it can be a long process to find what you need.

Lucikly, Golen Engine, located in Hudson, New Hampshire, are here to help. With plenty of engines and services to offer, they are a go-to shop for any engine needs. The LS1 crate engine is just one family of excellent machinery: they offer the following LS engines that have unique functions.


Replacement LS1 Crate Engine

Sometimes, keeping it simple is a great way to enhance your vehicle. The LS1 Replacement Engine is for cars that came with an LS engine Engine pre-installed. It is a great foundation engine for the street or the track, and Golen Engine creates them custom built to order.

The best benefit of the LS1 Replacement Engine is its simplicity. It is easy to install, with a high performance to boot.

Boosted Replacement LS1 Crate Engine

This enhanced LS1 crate engine offers the adaptability of an LS1 replacement engine with an added boost. This model offers exceptional parts: Wiseco Boost Ready Forged Pistons, Cometic MLS head gaskets, ARP Head Studs and Manley Stainless Steel Valves.

These will give your LS based cars or trucks a powerful boost that works well with turbo and super charger applications. It is all of the simplicity of a replacement engine with the extra bit of punch you need to enhance your car’s power.

LS1 Hot Rod Turn Key Engine

This engine is all about power and speed. If you are looking to boost your horsepower to the 500-800 range, turn to a hot rod turn key engine. These excellent engines combine modern fuel injection practices with all the power you need for your old school hot rod.

These engines are fully dyno tested, and easy to install. They are practically ready right out the gate – no tuning is required, as the Holley EFI system uses its self learning fuel table to tune while you drive. Simply hook up your exhaust, power, and fluids, and let the engine fly!

Boosted LS1 Hot Rod Turn Key Engine

If you have a hot rod and are seeking something super charged for your LS based vehicle, this is the LS1 crate engine for you. From power goals on the quiet side to wild, Golen Engine works hard to custom build these engines to fit your power needs. Great care is taken to give you the best engine power performance possible.

To give the engine an extra boost, it is equipped with either the Whipple 2.9L and 4.0L Super Charger. Give Golen Engine a call and discuss your power needs with them. After a custom job, they will dyno test and tune each engine before it ships. Get all of the power without any of the worries!

If you have an LS based car or truck, look no further than Golen Engine Service to suit your needs. Whether you are looking to boost your vehicle’s power performance or keep things nice and simple, there are plenty of options from Golen to satisfy your needs. Give them a call at (603)-886-3800.