440ci Chrysler

Golen Engine 440ci Chrysler Big Block with Holley Terminator EFI

413ci Chrsyler

Chris Rule 413 Chrsyler by Golen Engine

We offer restoration and performance builds for both the 340ci and 440ci Chrysler crate engines and can Hot Rod them with aftermarket heads, roller cams and install aftermarket Holley EFI systems. So weather you are looking for a stock restoration build or some extra power under the hood we got you covered.

  • Stock restoration builds
  • Hot Rod Builds
  • Holley EFI System available
  • Dyno Break In Service

Chrysler Muscle Car Engines

Chrysler performance engines of the 1960s powered some of the coolest cars of that era. Think Charger, Challenger, Road Runner, Duster or ’Cuda. If you run one of those classic Plymouths or Dodges, maybe you've thought about an engine upgrade. Here at Golen Engine, we build Chrysler muscle car engines to stock or upgraded to your specifications.

Golen Engine Builds Chrysler Big Blocks and Small Blocks
Rebuilding an engine sounds like fun, but it takes time. Plus, how well will it really perform when you're done? A crate engine gets you back on the road in less time, and with like-new reliability. We build Chrysler big block engines and the small blocks. We incorporate U.S.-made parts such as pistons, rings and bearings, and we upgrade where it makes sense. Want aftermarket heads, roller cams and Holley EFI for more power and torque? Yes, we can do that.

About Chrysler Performance Engines
We're not talking Hemis here. That's in a separate class. What we build are the 340ci small block and the 440ci big block. Mopar 440 crate engines — some call them the B series — appeared in ’66 and lasted until ’78. They’re big V8s that made a lot of horsepower and torque when new, and we can build them to make even more.

Mopar 340 crate engines didn't have quite such a long life, but were equally successful. Launched in ’68 and cut in ’73, this was arguably at its best in six-pack form (triple two-barrel carburetors) in the 1970 Challenger TA and ’Cuda AAR. What’s the difference between the big block and small block Chrysler crate engines? It's simple: The small block has the distributor at the back. In the big block, it's at the front.

Why Buy a Crate Engine?
If you want to enjoy driving your ride, a crate engine is the way to go. Installation is straightforward. With our break-in service, you're back on the road quickly with no worries about reliability. In fact, we're so confident in our work, all Mopar crate engines we sell carry a limited three-year warranty. Whether your passion is Chrysler big block crate engines or Mopar small block crate engines, come to Golen Engine.

The Golen Engine Difference
At Golen Engine, we understand what it takes to build a strong, reliable and (above all) powerful motor. With our machine shop, we have complete control over the way heads and blocks are prepared. Bores are finished on our new Sunnen SV-15 honing machine. We also operate SuperFlow SF-902 engine dynos, so every engine is tested and tuned before delivery.

Next Steps
Interested in one of our Chrysler small block crate engines? Curious how much power and torque we can extract from Chrysler crate engines? Call 1-800-591-9171 or contact us online today!