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Golen Engine 396 Big Block Chevy

327ci Chevy 

Golen Engine 327ci Chevy Small Block for Don Hill

We offer restoration builds on both small and big block Chevrolet performance crate engines and can offer stock or increased power levels. With our modern day machine shop we can properly machine your muscle car engine to perform better than it did new and we also offer a dyno break in service to ensure the engine is running properly and fully broken in before you start the install. We offer updates for our LSx Short and Long Bock Engines, such as hyd roller camshaft, modern day Viton valve seals and hardened exhaust seats for use with unleaded fuels to name a few.

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Chevy Muscle Car Engines

Trouble-free performance from our powerful restoration-build small and big block Chevy crate motors lets you enjoy driving your muscle car. Chevy muscle car engines are strong, but they grow old, output drops and problems multiply. Slide one of our LSx Turnkey Complete Engines under your hood and spend time on the road, not in the shop.

Golen Engine Builds Big Blocks and Small Blocks

Don't waste time looking for a 396 big block crate engine build for sale. Talk to us about our LSx Short Blocks instead. We offer restoration builds on big block and small block high-performance Chevy engines. Whether you want stock power or a big increase, a Golen Engine Chevy 396 big block has the horsepower you want. If a big block is too big, we have 327 small block Chevy motors for sale, too.

Our engines give you the performance and reliability of a new motor. We offer updates like a hydraulic roller camshaft, Viton valve seals and hardened exhaust seats. We’ll even paint it the factory color!

Why sink time and money into a worn-out engine? A Golen Engine 396 big block or 327 small block V8 will give you more power and like-new dependability.

About the Chevy 396 Big Block

We’re often asked how the big block and small block engines differ. The answer is not in displacement. A small block Chevy motor can be stroked and bored to over 400 ci (as evidenced by our high-performance Chevy engines). No, it comes down to bore centers. The small block has bore centers spaced 4.4 inches apart. On the big block, those centers are at 4.84 inches.

With more metal separating the bores, there's extra space for cooling galleries and added potential for boring-out. Further, more metal means a stronger block. If you're looking for big horsepower from your muscle car motor, a big block might be the way to go.

The Classic 327 Small Block

If you have a high-horsepower small block Chevy engine in there now, you probably want to replace it with another. We'll build you a 327 with stock power, if that's what you want. If you want to go big, we can help. You could look at our Chevy high-performance 327 build crate engines, but when you want something special, one of our custom Chevy small block turn-key engines is the way to go.

The Golen Engine Difference

With our machine shop, we have complete control over every aspect of engine build. Plus, our two dynos let us break in your engine before it goes in your car. Maybe you've seen a Chevy 396 engine block for sale and are thinking about building a new motor. Why invest that time and effort? Our Chevy performance engines get you back on the road quickly, with more power and better reliability.

Next Steps

Replacing the engine in your muscle car is a big decision. For help weighing the pros and cons, call 1-800-591-9171. We’d love to discuss your project. Alternatively, contact us online and we'll get back to you ASAP.