The Satisfaction of a Rebuild but With New Engine Benefits

Your car deserves more horsepower. You’d like better reliability (more hours driving and less time in the shop). You don’t mind getting your hands dirty, but you lack the time or resources to rebuild that tired old lump. If that sounds like you, consider an LSx long block.



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LY6 / LQ9 408ci 550hpLY6 $8,799

/ LQ9 $8,199

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LS2 402ci 550hp$9,499

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LS3 416ci 605hp$9,999

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LS7 427ci 650hp WS / DSWS $12,499

/ DS z06 $13,199

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LS7 440ci 700hp WS / DSWS $12,699

/ DS z06 $13,399

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LSx 427ci Boosted$14,599

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LSx 454ci 700hp$12,499

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RHS 454ci 700hp$13,699

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RHS 502ci 800hp$18,699

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Just the Basics

A new LS2, LS3 or LS7 long block comes complete with heads but minus intake, exhaust and auxiliaries. Swap them from your old engine or buy new with the appearance and characteristics you’ve always wanted. Going the LS long block route, it’s feasible to pull into the garage Friday evening and drive out Sunday night with a new engine purring under the hood!

A Small Block to Suit Your Car and Your Needs

If it’s the basic 350ci you’re after, a Chevy LS long block should do the trick. Alternatively, an LS7 long block gives you Gen IV features and 427 or 440ci of displacement, depending on the variant you choose. The famously stronger casting of the 416ci LS3 long block is engineered to handle all the power you want, but we also offer a boost-ready LS long block. You might want to consider the first of the Gen IV LS engines and treat your ride to an LS2 long block, or if a truck motor is more your style, how about a 550hp LY6?

What Does an LS Long Block Include?

A long block includes a short block plus a camshaft and fully built cylinder heads. Breaking that down, a Golen Engine short block LSx comprises a new GM block and crank, along with forged steel rods and Speed Pro or Mahle pistons. Every component we use, from bearings to rings to camshaft, is American-made.

Blueprinting is part of the service. That means we work within the original GM tolerances to optimize both power and reliability. Then, the whole assembly is balanced to minimize vibration and maximize bearing life.

Golen Engine Service Advantages

We believe we’re distinguished by our exceptional experience, resources and service.

  • We know the LS engine inside and out. When you buy an LSx long block from us, you benefit from our years of expertise.
  • We machine in-house, do our own balancing, and have two dyno cells for measuring output.
  • When you talk to us, you deal directly with engine experts instead of salespeople.

Treat Your Car (and Yourself)

Whether it’s the 700hp of the LSx 454 long block you want, the strength of the LS3, or the purity of the LS1, we have what you need. With our long blocks, you can swap an engine in hours but still reap the satisfaction (and cost savings) from doing the work yourself.

Call or email us for more information on LSx long block engines. We’re always happy to discuss your needs and expectations, and will help you decide which option is right for you.