A Turnkey Upgrade for Your Corvette, Muscle Car or Hot Rod

Nothing lasts forever, not even a classic GM small block. When it's time for something new, consider turnkey Chevy crate engines. We specialize in LSx crate engines: short block and long block, as well as LS complete engines. If you seek a quality LS motor for sale, you've come to the right place.



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LY6 370ci 500hp LY6 $12,499

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LY6 408ci 550hp LY6 $13,950

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LS3 416ci 605hp$16,799

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LS7 427ci 650hp WSWS $17,299

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LSx 454ci 700hp$17,799

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LSx 427ci BoostedCall for custom pricingView Specs

What's Included

GM's LSx block is an engineering masterpiece. Strong yet lightweight, it's the perfect base for building engines for the street, strip and track.

We build to order, so if you need something special, call and ask. As a guide, though, we can sell you an LS1 complete engine, LS2, an LQ9 or LS3 — or, two variants each of the LS7, LSx and RHS. Whether you need a 454 LSx engine or something else, we have what you need.

A complete engine from us consists of the following:

  • Long block (assembled from top-quality American components and includes the heads)
  • Intake system (intake itself plus throttle body, injectors and fuel rail)
  • Ignition system 

In addition, all LSx complete engines leave our shop with a three-year, no-mileage limit warranty.

The LS engines for sale here, including the LSx 454, are engineered to be boost-ready. If you plan on adding a centrifugal or Roots-style supercharger, they'll take the load. (We can also custom-build for turbo applications).

With an in-house machine shop, plus balancing facilities and two dynamometers, we're fully equipped to build LSx boost-ready crate engines that are powerful and reliable. What's more, blueprinting is always part of the service.


Anyone seeking a Chevy LS complete engine for sale almost certainly wants more power. Our turnkey LSx engines and others will not disappoint. From the 550hp of an LS2 to the 800hp made by a 502ci RHS, these engines deliver outputs to match the beautiful sound they make. (Needless to say, when blown, you'll get much, much more).

Should anyone doubt your horsepower claims, we've got you covered. The LS engines we build go through our dyno test service before shipping. That gives you graphs listing horsepower and torque as well as other engine vitals.

Golen Engine Service Advantages

We believe our engineering expertise and in-depth knowledge of LS complete engines make for an unrivaled combination. We do our own machining and balancing, and every engine goes through a two-oil change break in.

When you talk to Golen Engine, you deal directly with our engine specialists. There are no salespeople to get in the way. Plus, when you need something special in or for your engine, just ask.

The Best LS Engine for Sale

It's a bold claim, so we invite you to put us to the test. Read the spec sheets and learn about our skills and what we do. Then, when you're ready for a new engine, call or email and we'll talk.