LT1 Engine Fact Page

LT1 Recommendations

We recommend using the following with our stroker LT1 engines.

-30lb injectors with any of our 383ci LT1 engines and 42lb injectors for our 396/550hp LT1

-Golen Ported LT1 Intake that is bored for a 58mm throttle, runners ported and decked. We use this intake with all of our 383ci engines as well as our 396/550hp LT1 engine.

-58mm throttle body

-Adjustable fuel pressure regulator

-Stock GM MAF will work fine for engines up to 500hp. If you have a B-body car it is best to upgrade to a F-body MAF that is 3.5″ for better flow, if you do this, make sure that you have your computer programmed properly to match the larger MAF.

-Performance cold air intake and filter unit.

-Custom computer tuning by PCM For Less, Bryan Herter for 94-97 LT1 engines and Alvin Anderson for 92-93 LT1 engines. You can reach them through their website at

-Use only a vented Optispark unit. If you have an early 92-94 LT1 engine with the non-vented Opti you will need to buy the vented unit to work with our engine part #GM-1104032 and the wiring harness connector GM-12130319.

-MSD Super Conductor spark plug wire, these work great!!

-Stock GM Coil will work fine and MSD also sells a upgraded version.

-Use only AC Delco if you are going to replace O2 sensors.

-Aftermarket long tube headers such as Hooker Super Comp 1 3/4 primary to 3″ collector for Corvette and Camaro. You can get these through Summit Racing or Jegs. If you buy the long tube headers you will need to get O2 extension harnesses in order to plug in your stock O2 sensors. We stock these for $25 a side. If you have an Impala you can get Clear Image Quad headers that will make good power. You can reach Dan Ferraro through his website at:

-Aftermarket exhaust with high flow muffler and Random Tech high flow cats if you have to use cats.

-Aftermarket stall converter for auto trans applications, 2800-3000rpm for most engines.

-Aftermarket clutch for standard transmissions

-3:73 rear end gears work best with these engines on the street.

-Internally balanced flex plate or flywheel to match crank balancing.

-Crank hub that has the proper key slot for the aftermarket crankshafts we use. We sell this crank hub in our LT1 parts Dept for $100.

-Autolite 104 spark plugs for naturally aspirated enginesand Autolite 103 for super charged engines.

-Joe Gibbs Break In Oil for the first 700 miles and then you can use Joe Gibbs Hot Rod Oil from there on in. Both of these oils have high level of Zinc which is really good for high performance engines.

-Wix or AC oil filters (Do not use Fram, they have a collapsing problem)

-If you are road racing or auto cross racing we recommend a Canton 6 quart road race style pan to avoid oil starving when cornering at high speeds. We also recommend a Canton Aucusump system to keep constant oil pressure in road racing applications.

383 LT1 Balancing:

All 383 LT1 engines built by Golen are internally balanced in the rear which means that you will have to use a internally balanced flex plate or flywheel. You can purchase a internally balanced SFI approved flex plate from Golens for $120 or if you have a standard transmission you can send you flywheel to us to have it cleaned, resurfaced and internally balanced for $100.

Priming the LT1 Oil Pump:

Make sure that you prime your oil pump before installing your intake on all LT1 engines also do not forget to install the oil pump drive connector and grease the gear, this connects the oil pump to the cam gear. Priming the oil pump will ensure that the engine has immediate oil pressure when it first starts.

Opti Spark Tips:

When you are installing your opti spark distributor on your new engine make sure that the drive pin on the cam is not pressing on the opti spark drive wheel (see picture)and causing it to press the rotor against the cap, this will destroy the rotor and cap. When you install the opti you will want to make sure that the mounting pads on the opti fit flush onto the timing cover. You should not have to press the opti to the timing cover with the bolts.

There is no timing needed when installing the opti spark, you can install it on any stroke.

The Optispark distributor

The Optispark distributor is a sealed assembly that is vented to the intake. It is piloted by the stub shaft that is centers in the cam and is driven by a long pin in the cam that engages a slot in the hub of the distributor.

LT1 Valve Cover Modification:

If you are using your stock LT1 valve cover with your new Golen LT1 long block engine you will need to cut out half of the bracing inside the stock cover. Take a good set of tin snips or a cut off wheel and carefully cut the half of the bracing that is closest to the the intake manifold ( see picture). Once you have made the cut use brake cleaner and compressed air to clean any metal shavings out of the valve cover then test fit the cover to ensure that it sits sqaure on the head.

LT1 Valve Cover Modification

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