4.6L Jeep CJ Throttle Body EFI Turn Key

With modern day EFI you can upgrade your worn out 4.2L engine to our 4.6L Stroker and still have great driving manners with tons of extra power. We build this engine as a turn key so all you will need to do is hook up power, water, fuel and exhaust and you are up in running and best of all it fits in place of your 4.2L engine using the same motor mounts, transmission and front accessory drive. With a smooth idle this engine loves daily driving, rock crawling, highway travel and trail runs while getting good fuel economy at the same time.

  • Great solution for your worn out 4.2L engine
  • Modern day self tuning Holley Avenger EFI with Computer Controlled Timing
  • Powerful low end torque
  • Three year warranty
  • $8649 dyno tested and tuned

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