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4.6L/270HP Jeep Long Block

We build each engine to be an easy direct fit in place of all model year 4.0L efi engines as well as the early 4.2L carb models.  This engine runs on 91 Octane pump fuel, gets great fuel economy while passing emissions in all 50 states. With a smooth idle this engine loves daily driving, rock crawling, highway travel and trail runs!! We offer all kinds of options which you can find on our online store below.

  • Built as a direct bolt in for any year Jeep
  • Tons of extra torque and HP
  • Good fuel economy
  • $4099 up to 1999 year models
  • $4449 years 2000-2006 year models
  • Jeep Fact Page

Optional Parts and Services:

  • Dyno Break In Service $500

This allows us to check for the following:

  • Leaks                                     
  • Oil pressure readings
  • Inspection of oil filters
  • Noises
  • Engine performance


  • Oil pan $125
  • Timing cover $58
  • Slinger and Buffer for timing cover $22
  • Oil pan and timing cover bolt kit $25
  • Harmonic balancer pulley $85
  • Labor to install covers $100
  • Joe Gibbs 10w40 Break In Oil $95
  • Oil filters (3) $30
  • Spark plugs $25
  • Valve Cover Kit w/ Golen 4.6L Badge $150
  • 24lb Fuel Injector Kit $375

Engine Dressed for Dyno



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