When you are looking for performance, one of the first places to look is your heads.

Posted on June 2, 2014

Anytime someone purchases a vehicle that they want to make it go faster, they may consider a larger engine, different fuel delivery, or a larger exhaust. While these factors all contribute to higher performance, one of the most overlooked assets to your engine are your heads. The heads contain your valve assembly and lifters. This is a very complex piece of hardware, as you are fuel air mixture passes directly through it before going into the cylinders for combustion. LS 1 heads have been a long-standing, durable head in the GM line. Having been used in GM products like the Corvette, Camaro, Trans Am and others, these heads have proven their worth. If you are looking to add performance to your GM engine, look no further than Golen Engine Service. Located in Hudson New Hampshire, we are one of the premier high-performance engine builders in the United States.

It was determined, from a performance standpoint, that the LS1 engines biggest assets was its LS1 heads. Designed by Ron Sperry, who was considered to be a genius and airflow, these heads were considered to be one of the best sets that GM ever produced. This, coming from the same man who worked on the “bowtie” series which brought us the L 98 heads nearly a decade ago, under the tutelage of Vince Pickens. LS1 heads are derived directly from research done on GM race heads of the early 80s. After Ron Sperry began working for GM’s race team, he designed heads having two distinct designs for intake and exhaust ports. A unique feature of the LS one heads, GM refers to it as replicated ports. This technology design makes each intake port identical in each exhaust port identical. Thus, eliminating inconsistencies in combustion due to the port flow issues. LS1 heads have been very successful in GM’s performance line. The most important positive aspect to these heads is the fact that the air intake port offers a straight shot down to the intake valve. This drastically increases performance. Under Ron Sperry, GM’s race team worked diligently to make sure that all eight cylinders were identical, geometrically. GM has put great amounts of research and development into their LS1 Heads. We, at Golen Engine can make them even better! If you are looking to add performance to your GM vehicle, give us a call at 800-591-9171. The possibilities are endless, visit our shop and see how we can build your project today!
LS1 heads from Golen Engine