The LS7 – Engine of Tomorrow

Posted on October 17, 2014

LS7 engine from GolenThe LS7 engine is quite possibly the most powerful small block engine ever produced. Conceived over 50 years ago, this performance package has been the mainstay of many Chevy vehicles as their goal to performance V8, and has become a favorite in the racing world.

With over 505 hp, and 475 foot-pounds of torque, this beast can really get up and go! At Golen Engine Service, our minds have been constantly brainstorming to make this even faster! Golen Engine Service is located 17 Dracut Road in Hudson, New Hampshire. Its proprietor, Chad Golen, has been a lifelong performance fan. Even as a young teen, he was making more horsepower than anyone else his age in town! Chad took his engine building seriously, even as a young man, and decided to start putting all that knowledge and desire to good use, even building engines for race teams and car enthusiasts all over the United States. There is so much that can be done with the LS7, that with a team like Golen Engine, and an LS7 engine, the possibilities are truly endless.

From the LS7’s CNC-ported aluminum cylinder heads, which has been redesigned to increase airflow demands of this engines seven liter displacement, to the dry sump oiling system, which was designed to keep the engine properly lubricated during high-speed loads in aggressive cornering. Also, the design team has really put together a performance engine that can stand its ground against many of the exotics on the road today. If GM could make this a big mouth engine, there would be no stopping it! If you have an LS7 engine, and you desire even more power than the 505 hp is currently putting out stock, take it on over the Golen Engine Service and we will show you what a motivated team and a real performance engine can do! Give us a call at 603-886-3800 to schedule an appointment today!