Power and performance out of the LS 2 engine

Posted on July 7, 2014

LS2 engine from GolenGM’s LS2 engine dates all the way back to the super duty 455 CID Pontiac V-8, but was reintroduced in the Chevrolet Corvette in 2005. This engine was also found in the 2005 and 2006 GTO as the standard powerplant. At 6000 RPM, it produces 400 hp and roughly 400 foot-pounds of torque.

Very similar to the high-performance LS6 engine, but it has a much improved torque through the RPM range. The casting heads used on the LS2 engine, which are the 243, are the same heads used on the LS6. The LS2 also produces a higher compression. Stray from GM, the LS2 in the Chevy trailblazer SS is advertised at 390 hp in the 2008 2009 series. This engine was also used in:

2005-2006 Chevy Corvette

2005 – 2006 Chevy SS R

2006 – 2009 Chevy trailblazer SS

2006 – 2007 Cadillac CTS V series

2005 – 2006 Pontiac GTO

2008 – 2009 Saab 9-7x

This is a great engine to start any project from, and one fact that very few people know is that this engine is the base NASCAR spec engine that is optional in the Camping World Series. A dependable engine, this would be a great start for project build. With moderate modification, you get some substantial gains in horsepower and torque. Golen Engine Service builds high quality engines and provides excellent technical support after delivery. In our 12,000 ft.² facility, we have complete control of the process from start to finish as we have a full machine shop and dyno machine, to test your engine’s performance after the build is complete. If you’re looking to build a performance LS2 engine, contact the team at Golen Engine Service, and we will get to work for you.