455ci Pontiac

Golen Engine 455ci Pontiac for Al Beaulieu

434ci Pontiac

Golen Engine Pontiac 434ci for Chris Baddeley 

We offer complete restoration and hot rod builds for both the 400ci and 455ci Pontiac engines. So weather you are looking for a stock restoration build or something that will put some power under the hood we have you covered.

  • Stock restoration builds
  • Hot Rod Stroker Builds
  • Holley EFI System available
  • Dyno Break In Service Available

Pontiac Muscle Car Engines

If you're fortunate enough to own a Trans Am, Firebird or GTO, you know it's blessed with a sweet little motor. Yet like all engines, it'll grow old and tired, and power output will drop. Why not install a restoration or hot-rod Pontiac V8 from Golen Engine?

No one knows Pontiac muscle car engines the way we do, and we can build the engine you want. You’ll experience more power — a lot more power if you choose — and you'll get new engine dependability. That means more time driving and less time fixin'.

More Ponies for Your ‘Poncho’

For a long time in the '60s and ’70s, cars equipped with Pontiac performance engines were hard to beat. No, it's not the small block Chevy, it's an entirely different engine, although development started around the same time.

The Pontiac 400ci engine arrived in '67, followed in 1970 by the 455. At Golen Engine, we build both — as stock restoration builds for those wanting originality and as hot rod builds for people wanting more ponies. We also build a 434 for those who desire something a little less commonplace. Don't look for Pontiac performance engines for sale elsewhere, just talk to us.

The engines we build incorporate appropriate updates to improve reliability and performance. We can add a Holley EFI system if that's what you want, and we’ll paint your engine the factory color.

About the 434

This is a stroked and bored Pontiac 400ci engine. We’ve built these to make a lot of power yet remain eminently street-able. Even better? With our engine break-in service, simply install and drive it the way you want.

The Big, Bad 455

A stroked version of the predecessor 421 engine, this is best known as the Super Duty 455 and was originally intended for racing. It’s a beautiful engine, and very strong. If you want lots of horsepower, ask us how much we can wring from it.

The Golen Engine Difference

We don’t just build engines, we handle the machining, too, in our shop. That gives us total control over every aspect and it’s why we feel comfortable putting a warranty on the engines we build. If you’ve considered looking for Pontiac engines for sale that you can rebuild, don’t. Why invest that kind of time and effort when one of our Pontiac muscle car engines will get you on the road faster?

Next Steps

Pontiac performance crate engines can give your “Poncho” a new lease on life, but the engines we build will make it better than it’s ever been. To learn more about our services, products and expertise, call 1-800-591-9171. Alternatively, contact us online and we’ll be in touch shortly.