LS2 engines… The simple power!

Posted on February 19, 2014

The most powerful LS2 engines can be found coming from Golen High Performance Engines in Hudson, New Hampshire. We are a custom engine builder with years of experience. We can build anything from ‘mild’ to ‘wild’! Truly a performance shop with horsepower in mind! We offer complete engine work, balancing, porting, power cylinder honing, decking, custom valve jobs and valve work, and line honing. We have a machine where we test each engine we build. We also do extensive research and development here. We build LS1, LS2, LS3, LS7, LSx, LT1 and Jeep ‘Stroker’ engines.

The Jeep engine is a 4.6L, with 300HP and 340 Ft/lbs torque, it is a direct replacement for the standard 4.0 or 4.2L engine in a Wrangler or Cherokee. The LT1 series offers from 400 to 500HP, naturally aspirated. They can build up to 700 HP ‘boosted’ versions too. The LT1 series is custom built to be a direct replacement to your current LT1 engine. Lastly, the LSx engine is a 400HP (Naturally aspirated) to 1200HP (boosted) engine. These engines are custom built to fit your vehicle. So, no matter what you need, whether it is a race engine, a street rod engine, or a naturally aspirated power plant for your toy, Chad Golen is the man to see!

The team at Golen High Performance Engines can build you an engine that OTHERS will never forget! We also have an online shop, so you can purchase parts directly online for your  engine. Visit the website at to see the video library of engines we have produced. From Pro golfer, Jack Nicklaus to Kuwaiti royals, everyone, worldwide enjoys a Golen Engine!