Looking for an LS7 Engine Boost?

Posted on September 4, 2013

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The LS7 engine  displaces 7.0 liters – 427 cubic inches – and is standard equipment in the 2006 and up Corvette Z06. It is identified by red engine covers and is based on the new Gen IV small-block architecture.
Unlike the previous Corvette Z06 engine, the LS7 Engine has a separate and distinct engine block casting and reciprocating assembly than the base Corvette engine. And when compared to the LS2, it has a different front cover, oil pan, exhaust manifolds and cylinder heads. The unique block accommodates large-displacement cylinders, while other components make use of racing-derived lightweight components to help boost horsepower and rpm capability.
The LS7’s specifications are significant for a production engine:
•    505 horsepower @ 6200 rpm
•    475 lb.-ft. of torque @ 4800 rpm
•    7000-rpm redline
•    Unique engine block with larger 104.8-mm (4.125-inch) bores and pressed-in cylinder liners
•    Forged steel crankshaft with 101.6-mm (4-inch) stroke
•    Titanium connecting rods
•    Cast aluminum flat-top pistons
•    Racing-derived CNC-ported aluminum cylinder heads with titanium intake valves and sodium-filled exhaust valves
•    Dry-sump oiling system
•    11.0:1 compression ratio
•    Camshaft with 15-mm (.591-inch) lift
•    Hydroformed exhaust headers with unique “quad flow” collector flanges.
All LS7 engines are assembled by hand at GM’s new Performance Build Center in Wixom , Mich. The exacting standards to which they are built include deck-plate boring and honing of the cylinders and even crank line-boring of the block with the deck plates and side bolts installed – procedures normally associated with the building of racing engines and almost unheard of in a production-vehicle engine.
“In many ways, the LS7 is a racing engine in a street car,” said Dave Muscaro, assistant chief engineer of small-block V-8 for passenger cars. “We’ve taken much of what we’ve learned over the years from the 7.0-liter C5R racing program and instilled it here. There really has been nothing else like it offered in a GM production vehicle.”
Indeed, the LS7’s engineers spent as much time at racetracks as they did at engine dynamometers. Everything from the cylinder heads to the unique dry-sump oiling system has a direct line back to GM’s racing program. But while the LS7 has racing roots, it delivers its performance with uncompromising smoothness and tractability – qualities that make the Corvette Z06 a daily-drivable supercar. So, if you want even MORE power and performance out of an LS7, contact Chad Golen, at Golen engine service, we will hook u up right!