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Chevy LT1 Testimonials

Hey Chad,
with the 1994 Corvette from Southern Oregon. Just wanted to say that after 2
full years of track road racing running your LT1 383 460 HP engine it runs as
strong as ever! The car sounds like “war” and is on pace with cars
that cost 4 times as much. Here is recent video on 9/6/13 taken at Portland
International Raceway at a “test & tune” event, notice how F`in
hard this car pulls (at about the 3:00 mark) on this video. I`m sure you get
many of these video`s but just want to share mine with you…..turn your
speakers up!

Barry Blackstone, Southern Oregon


Barry Blackstone C4

Barry Blackstone 383 LT1



Just wanted to tell you that the LT1, 383 Stroker 400 hp short block you built for me about 5 years ago is running as strong as ever and just passed smog again (about 45k miles on the engine, 175K on the car).  Can’t say enough about your motor and the assistance you provided me through my build.  PCMforless is great too and they have provided my referals with great product and service as well.  Thanks again and keep up the great workmansship…

John A. “Mac” McCormick
Poway, California

Hey Chad,

It’s been a while so I thought I’d give you another big thanks for the great motor/service and also share a quick story with you. First the motor – it has now officially survived two full seasons of Texas road racing and just started it’s third season. It’s still as awesome and rock solid as when I first dropped it in over 2 years ago and has made quite a name for itself on the local tracks. Please share my heartfelt thanks with the guys who screwed it all together.

As a matter of fact, your motor in my Camaro SS (3625lbs race weight, including driver) along with fairly standard road racing suspension & brake changes, had no problem keeping pace with a 2,800lb Ferrari 355 Challenge race car driven by a regionally competitive driver last month at MSR Huston (don’t think he’s made it to Nationals yet but he’s close). Didn’t quite have the pace to get around him but we sure had a lot of fun 🙂 It’s not that I’m a great driver…far from it…however with the addition of your 396, the car is just that good.

Casey Holdway

Eric Carlton talks about his Golen Engine Service LT based engine…

Thank you very much for the kick ass engine and excellent one of a kind customer service. I could not have done this build or the second build without your help. The additional RPM of the 480hp cam setup woke the engine up in a major way. The engine simply screams now and getting to 6000 RPMs is done in the blink of an eye.

I want to begin planning & building my next LS based engine so I will be in touch soon.
Golen Horse Power in the house!!!

Thanks again for all your help and enjoy the photos.

An update from Eric…
Wasup Chad, hope everything is going well. Can you email me the .BIN file (ODB1) you use for your LT1 383 480 HP dyno runs. The PCMforLESS tune I have is way on the conservative side. I am using the CATS tuner to make my modification. I have a feeling I will find my missing 80 HP with your tune and race gas 😉

Engine is in great shape!!! I have 3500 miles on it now with 15 hard track passes mixed in there. I should be ordering my LS1 402 build from ya around tax refund time. Best track numbers so far…


I attached a picture of my Z28 launching at the track.
Engine is rock solid!!!

Thanks for everything,

Hey Chad,

Just thought I’d let you know it’s been two years since I ordered your 375
LT1 383 package (Invoice 1971) and I’ve driven the Impala on a daily basis without a single problem! I’ve put over 34K miles on the motor and she
seems stronger today than she did after the swap. I’ve enclosed a couple
of photo’s for possible inclusion on your website.

Thanks for a very well balanced package. At times I wish for more power,
but there is something to be said for being able to get in the car and know
I can travel 1500 miles in three days and not have to worry. Thanks for
the peace of mind and the great product.

Warmest regards,
Dan Vincent

Dear Chad,

I wanted to send you a short note thanking you and your staff for a terrific experience with the 383 stroker motor your company built for my 1996 Impala SS.

I got involved with the Impala after going on a business trip to SC in Sept 2004. I liked my associates Impala so much, I bought one in Oct 2004. My friend, also a member of the National Impala Club, recommend your company (Golen Engine Service) as the premier builder of high performance engines.

From the initial conversation with you, and through the entire process, you answered all my questions, made recommendations, kept me informed during the entire build process and went the extra step that assured me I had made the right decision. I am very pleased with the engine and will be doing business with your company in the future on other projects of mine.

You should feel free to have any potential customers contact me. I will be glad to recommend your company.

Bob Warner

Sorry about the card… they don’t exactly have a lot of thank you cards here in Baghdad.

Thank you for working with me on buying the engine(383/440hp), working with me on the down payment, being honest with me and helping me make the right choice on picking the engine and parts, and letting me know that I picked the right company to do business with.

Senior Airman James Nobles

Casey Holdway talks about his GES 396/520HP LT1…


Thanks! Everything is running great and beyond my expectations. I knew this motor would be a monster and it certainly is. This is by far the fastest car I think I’ve ever been in. The biggest problem I have now is finding enough road to safely enjoy all the power. Once I finish fabricating the intake ducting I think I’ll try to get it out to the dragstrip for a test-n-tune night and try not to break the rear end. I’ll have to go easy on the launches but I’m sure it will still put up some very respectable numbers.

Honestly, I expected way more problems with this project than I encountered. Thanks again for building such a rock solid motor and especially for putting this particular combination together. I absolutely love the cam/head combo and type of powerband it produces. Phenomenal low-end power and it just turns into a screaming monster from 3k all the way up as far as I care to stay in it. Haven’t felt the need or had enough open road to get it much past 6600 or so yet but I’ll fix that once I get that ridiculous little air cleaner replaced with a proper setup and get away from all the cops that are just dying to pull me over right now.

I’ll keep you posted….thanks again! I couldn’t be happier with this engine and the support you’ve given me all the way through. Please don’t hesitate to use any portion of our correspance, pictures, etc. for advertising or any other purpose. I’d also be more than happy to share my wonderful experience with any potential customers looking for references. I’d be honored to help your business in any way I can….you run a first class operation and you’ve earned a very loyal customer.

All the best!

Dear Chad,

The 396 LT1 stroker i bought from you 2 years ago is one POTENT natrually aspirated engine!! With a set of pacesetter headers i put out 426 wheel horse on the dyno, and 420 ft lbs of torque. I beat the daylights out of the thing and it’s still pulling strong. if i had to do it all over again, i wouldn’t think twice about it. it was worth every penny. I can take the thing anywhere, and have peace of mind. I enjoy putting mustangs to sleep!! Thanks Again. i also appreciate you not letting me hang when i have questions, i can always count on an answer.

Semper Fi!!
Kirk D. Etter

Chevy LSx Testimonials


I just wanted to give you an update on the boosted LSX 427 engine we bought from you. With a 76mm turbo @ 19lbs of boost and some fuel modification in our 2010 camaro it is making 830 hp at the tires and 824 ft lbs of torque at the tires on pump gas only.

Thank you for all of your help,

Terry & Kristie Cramer

DSC_5467Camaro 004

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my engine that the crew at Golen Engine built for me. The motor is an LS2 in a 2005 Corvette. Chad and his crew did an excellent job rebuilding this engine that had previously suffered a complete meltdown at the hands of a completely incompetant, I use this term loosely, mechanic. The engine was returned to me as promised, and running like a top. The motor was stroked to a 402ci from the stock 364ci. Chad’s expertise with these motors is exemplary. I chose his shop because all the work is done under one roof, this became exceptionally important when it came to trying to save my original aftermarket heads which had a leak, not all shops have a vacuum tank and would be able to diagnose this issue, at least none of my local shops could have. The heads had to ultimately be replaced, but the company that manufactured them did send me a new set free of charge. Chad was able to pinpoint the leak showing it was a manufacturers defect, something that could not have been done by a lesser shop, and I would not received a pair of new heads. My local shop said to just sell them for scrap.

I recently returned from my first road trip in the car through the southeast, where the temperatures ranged from the mid 80’s to the low 90’s, the engine performed effortlesy. The engine was dyno tuned here in Florida. The tuner was also equally impressed with the results of the build. He told me that it is extremely rare to see an engine pull within 1/2hp on four successive power pulls. The tuning was done in early August where the temperatures were in the upper 80’s. The tuner I have been using for years is well known, running a tuning school where he instructs tuner’s throughout the U.S and abroad, so he’s seen quite a few engines. The engine put down 516hp and 486ftLbs of tq at the wheels. Both the tuner and Chad believe there is still about 15-20hp available if I upgrade to the 102mm Throttle body and larger headers. I am currently running a ported 90mm throttle body and 1 3/4 inch headers. Unfortunately this requires more $$, so we’ll see next year.

I am looking forward to many years of enjoyment out of this motor. I’m hoping to do a few track days this fall so I can really have some fun and see what it’ll do. The car easily breaks loose in first and second, stationary and rolling, my wife is not too fond of this trait, I’ve been telling her that the seat is loose and I need to tighten it up! Not sure she believes me. Anyway, I am a completely satisfied customer.

Gary Rosen
Miami Beach

Gary Rosen








Hi Chad,

I just wanted to provide you with a little feedback on my experience working with you to put together my RHS 450cid LS motor.

I really enjoyed all the time and information you provided me during the build. It was fantastic to almost always get a live answer and talk directly with the boss when I had a question, or to send over and email and have it returned within a very short time frame. The multiple cam testing and dyno runs were very insightful and clearly make your shop unique in its own right. There is certainly something to be said about the smaller family run shop that have an owner that is actively involved in the business on both sales and service.

Your knowledge and many years of racing experience certainly have proven to be an advantage. I now have about 1,500 miles on the new motor and it is absolutely a very stout build. Even with the mini-tub and the 345’s out back it shreds those tires like you would not believe.

I certainly appreciated the time and patience you invested to explain the process and my many questions.

I would recommend anyone looking for a ‘Hot’ LS street or race engine to give Chad a call…great guy, great engine builder. You won’t be disappointed.

Michael Milanese Winnpeg, MB Canada

Mike Milenese Resized









My wife and I would like to Thank You for building our LS7 engine in our 2006 Z06 Corvette. To finally have an internally forged/balanced motor with a Superdeck block that will withstand boost and an 11:1 compression ratio is much more comforting than waiting for the standard equipment to fail. We have a good solid 750HP at the flywheel and 660RWHP. By the way, our motor was de-tuned from about 800HP to 750HP to deal with the Arizona heat issues. In addition, the blower cam you recommended keeps the power consistent throughout a wide RPM range. This adds a little more fun while accelerating. Also, the cylinder head work gave this engine a heck of a lot more airflow and dependability. At the last car show we attended an older spectator stated “This car has some Huevos”! Nice Job Chad!

Mike Chittick
Payson, Arizona

Mike Chitteck 2 Resized










Pablo Bolaños talks about his Golen Engine Service LS2 402CI Supercharger engine…

Looking for a powerful forged supercharged ready LS based engine for my 2000 TransAm wasn´t an easy task, most of it because here in Costa Rica there is no experience with this engine.

When the company name, Golen Engine Service came to me I grab the phone, from the moment that Chad himself talked to me I knew that he was the right guy for the job. He listened to me, answered all my questions, make the best recommendations, and he had the patience to go all over the project several times just to be sure that we both were on the same frequency. He kept me updated during the entire process and helped me getting some extra parts needed for this project.

The result, a complete beast LS2 402 supercharged engine ready to run. During the install we needed to call him an infinite times and he was always there to give us the right answer.

Driving the car put a big smile on my face, but taking it to the dyno was the best of all, 687 RWHP @ 5800 rpm and 662 RWTQ @ 5300 rpm with 13 psi of boost, this on a very hot day with pump gas and without any knock. The engine runs excellent for daily use and it´s a very respectable contender on the track.

My dream really come true, thank you for making this possible.

Pablo Bolaños

Chevy Hot Rod Testimonials

First of all, after searching the web for engine builders and then comparing price, specs, parts, bang for the buck, it was hands down for Golen Engine.

What really cemented the deal was talking to Chad, very up front, listened to what I wanted from my engine, what I was going to use it for (mostly street driving, with an occasional trip to the strip) ,answered all my questions. The engine I received was more than I had expected. Very thorough follow up before firing up the engine and Chad has kept in touch afterwards, wanting to know how the engine was doing. Would not hesitate to purchase another engine from him again, and have recommended his services to others.

Steve Freeman

Hey Chad,

I just wanted to let you know that a lot of jaws dropped last night at New England Dragway when they saw my pickup running 11.7′s at 118 in the heat right after a 2 hour highway trip.

I had tons of compliments and they are all owed to you and your shop as I told them. My wife captured some cool video of the fans in the stands saying “ya’ right A Truck then to HOLY CRAP that’s fast”.

I can’t thank you enough for the help and hopefully I sent some new customers who can enjoy your shops work!

Keep it up!!!
Jeff Wills

Dear Golen Engine Service,

The engine I bought from you company has performed flawlessly for over three years now. I especially appreciated your knowledgeable and prompt response to the couple of questions I had when I was installing it.

Your engine runs so well in my Camaro I replaced the TH350 with a 5-speed clutch-er. I get a lot of smiles to the miles. You sell a great product.

Michael Fields

Jeep 4.6 Stroker Testimonials

Chad,I fired it up today and followed all of your break in instructions. It went without a hitch! I just turned the key and it was running. (I’m sure glad that I ran the oil pump with the electric drill to pre-prime every thing) I don’t think it turned over 2 revolutions before it fired on! I changed the oil and checked the plugs after the cam break in period as instructed. Then came the surprise! As I let out the clutch for the first time and gently
rolled away for the house, I stepped on the gas as I normally would have with the old engine. All I could say was Ooooh Shiiit. I quickly backed off. I just about gave my neighbor and my self whiplash. Its very snappy!

After a few miles I did as you instructed and got on it a little. I was shocked to say the least! From a 15-20 mph roll I stepped on it. My 37″ tires started to get loose and talk back! I grabbed second gear (as quick and slow as you can with a stock trans) and my 37′s talked back again! Not just a chirp but a good long BARK! When I came back to the house my neighbors were talking. (They are all Jeep nuts as well) Nobody could believe that a Jeep I6 could perform as this one did!Later in the day I went over to Maple Hill and again I was super surprised. In the past I would run 2nd gear at 4000rpm and then attempt to shift into 3rd just to fall on its face and then have to down shift back into 2nd. Well on this day I cruised it in 4th!!! I even had to let off on it so that I wasn’t speeding! (I didn’t try 5th as I am sure that it would have lugged)

I have to say that I am very, very impressed with this 4.6 Jeep. It wont beat my old 67 GT500 Mustang but it will give my 03 Eclipse V6 a run for the money though! I want to get it on the dyno this week so that I can get the timing, fuel pressure and the map all adjusted correctly. I cant wait to hit the trails with it. Thank you for all that you have done!Very Happy Jeep 4.6 I6 Owner

Don Bolicek

To whom it may concern,

Hey, I had to give some credit to Chad of Golen Engines. From the day I started to research what I wanted to do with my Jeep, his product has been on the top of my list.

It all started when I saw his engine in the Quadratec rag. Then I found a great write-up in JPMagazine called the Insane Inline. From there, link after link, everyone just raved about Golen Engines, so I emailed some questions to Chad. I found him to be very helpful as we discussed options and how my existing performance items would affect the engine. After several emails and a phone call I was ready. When I placed my order we went over everything to ensure the order was correct. A couple of days after the order he called and reconfirmed everything.

The order was shipped and received on time and much better than expected. In fact, Conn (Mig Offroad) , the guy who installed the engine made the following comment… “if that engine is built half as well as the crate it was shipped in, you got yourself one hell of an engine”… Not only did we get our engine, but also a complete packet of information from installation to recommended lubes, plugs, etc, etc and a complete break-in procedure. Nothing was left to the imagination except “how bad-ass this mother was going to run when completed” (big grin)

Through the entire install, Chad ALWAYS answered the phone and was very helpful with any questions we had. The instructions were very complete and precise, and the install went extremely smooth. The 20 minute crank breaking procedure went well and we were all very impressed.

I have since put about 1200 miles and two “wheeling days” on this engine. I run with a 3 speed automatic, and I would suggest anyone with an auto and stock breaks* UPGRADE! This bad boy has torque and you will stand on the breaks with both feet. I think the thing I like most is the way it sounds. At about 2500 RPM’s it just has a very pleasing, almost mesmerizing, hum while cruising down the road, and runs so smooth. I love it! I also like the fact that it’s so simple to maintain. No funky plugs, crazy computers or hocus pocus. It’s made to run well with the simply, common day items found at any auto store. Thumbs up!

I am a firm believer in “you get what you pay for” and I feel the value of the product and the service and support Chad has provided justified my investment. I’m looking forward to many fun “wheeling days” ahead.

Jim Blancet
Lexington KY

Dear Chad,

I just wanted to say thanks for all of your help with my Jeep 4.6L swap. When my 4.0L died I considered my options for replacements. Its my daily driver, but I’ve lifted it for occasional off road trips and backcountry hunting trips. Reliability was my primary goal but more power would be an important bonus.

There isn’t a lot of places that build performance inline 6 cylinder engines for Jeeps, so finding one with outstanding customer service has been a definite plus. Right from the start I was impressed with the fact that it was the owner who took my call and answered all my questions and told me what to expect. He talked to me like I was an old friend. I placed my order and my engine was built ahead of schedule. It arrived in a massive wooden crate that is so sturdy, I now use it as a work bench.

Since I was doing this swap by myself, I cannot over emphasize how reassuring it was to have someone to call for advice. A few times, I called so many times, that I worried that I might be wearing out my welcome. But every time Chad answered the phone and talked me through what I had to do. At one point it occurred to me that every time I did call, I wasn’t patched through a secretary to a tech specialist or any crap like that. Every time I called, it was who Chad answered the phone.

With my engine installed it was time to start it up and break it in. Since I’ve never swapped in a new engine before, I followed Chad’s directions to the letter. I doubt if the starter engaged more than a dozen teeth before the engine roared to life and completed the cam break in. Then the trouble started. On the road the Jeep would launch like a dragster then sputter and choke. The tachometer was unstable and it would occasionally just stall. Once again the frantic calls to Chad were answered with a very methodical voice of reason. One potential issue after another was addressed in a calm logical manner, until the culprit, (a faulty JET Performance piggyback computer chip) was removed. Finally the fun could begin.

All I can say is, wow! It’s like having a V-8 but with added reliability and better gas economy. My Jeep Grand Cherokee has almost 1000 pounds of extra weight in after market skids and armor, (3650lbs. stock, 4590lbs. now) but it can blow the doors of my stock 1998 Grand Cherokee, or my sons stock 1995 Grand. With 4.10 gears and 31″ MT’s it pulls like mad off the line and gets even stronger all the way through 3500 rpm. I haven’t taken it past 70mph, but at 65mph, it just hums like an electric motor. Now with 650 miles of hard, break in miles on the clock, I am amazed to see that I am still getting 16+mpg. Once I start to drive normal again I will probably see 18 – 20 mpg. Mine and my sons stock ZJ’s get about that.

The quality of work is documented perfection. The engine is simply fantastic. But that would be useless if not for the personal service that Chad provided for me. Doing a job like this is stressful especially when its your first time and your doing it by yourself. From beginning to happy ending, I never felt alone.

Thanks Chad. Sincerely,
Mike Hausknecht