Building a new toy?

Posted on August 29, 2014

Hopping up cars…we all did it right out of high school. Every little bit of performance that we could afford to put into our cars, we did! To be able to afford an LS1 crate engine THEN! How often did you and your buddies hang out in the garage or in someone’s driveway all day on a Saturday, changing ignition systems, intakes, carburetors or exhaust systems? And by the time it got dark, hopefully we had something to show for it! If you are lucky, the owner started the car, drove it down the street, and tore past the house while everyone drooled as it roared past! At that point, all of us were dying to get into the driver seat! We would all go to the parking lots for cruise nights with our dads as a kid, it was always fun.

Now that I’m older, and can DRIVE those ‘toys’, it’s now time to BUILD one! But what do I want to build? An ‘82 Corvette? A ‘69 Camaro? Maybe a ‘kit car’! Those kits in “Kit Car” magazine look cool. Not too hard; they come with the body parts, wiring and accessories. All I have to supply is the drive train…hmmmm…drive train. What am I going to use for a power plant? I thought I was going to have to use a GM LS1 crate engine, but for a few extra dollars, I can have one built by the pros. One call to Golen Engine Performance and the team there is designing an LS1 engine for my new project! Golen uses all new GM Blocks as the base foundation and meticulously machine each engine to ensure both performance and longevity. They can custom build their short blocks to work with your heads and can recommend compression ratios and custom camshafts to meet your hp goals. One call to their sales/technical departments can get your project design underway. They can take LS1 crate engines from stock to over 400 HP, and LSx engines putting out a whopping 1200+ HP! Talk about wild. When Chad Golen asked me how much power I wanted in my project, I answered, “Enough to snap my head into the head rest.” He smiled and said, “That’s easy, get ready for whiplash!” So give the pros at Golen Engine a call and they’ll build a performance beast for you. They can be reached at 1-800-591-9171.

LS1 crate engine from Golen