Building a new toy?

Posted on June 9, 2014

Jeep 4.6 Stroker Build from Golen EngineNow that the sun is shining, do you have a new toy in the works? If you are in the midst of a Jeep 4.6 stroker build, and you are not alone! People across the US seemed to be freeing up more time these days, to go out and enjoy the terrain, and they are doing it in modified Jeeps.

Although some people take on a Jeep 4.6 stroker build themselves, the safest way to do it is to contact the professionals at Golen Engine. A high-performance engine shop located in Hudson, New Hampshire, we have been building performance engines for customers worldwide for decades. Owner Chad Golen has been building engines since his midteens, and enjoys every day he gets to go in and work on a Jeep 4.6 stroker build. With the team at Golen Engine, you are sure to get a quality built engine that will give you tons of enjoyment. Here in Northern New England, there are Jeep clubs that go trail riding all over the scenic White Mountains of New Hampshire. On any given Sunday, you can find six or more Jeep Wrangler’s or Cherokees climbing hills and trails in NH.

Things to consider when undertaking a Jeep 4.6 stroker build, is that when you purchase one from Golen Engine, it is a direct replacement for your factory engine, so you are not modifying any of your electronics, engine compartment or engine mounts. This saves time, aggravation and money during your project, and can be done in a weekend by a competent mechanic. The good weather is here, and you should be out enjoying your Jeep not laying under it while it is sitting on ramps. Contact the team at Golen Engine today if you are considering a Jeep 4.6 stroker build, and someone will discuss with you your options so that we may get you onto the trails as soon as possible. We can be reached at 800-591-9171.